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About Joshua Campbell

I am Josh campbell, I am a Center back in the class of 2023 I play at Cy-Fair high school in Cfisd. I also captain the 04/05 Boys top team for the Dynamos soccer club. I am hoping to use the game I love and have been blessed to play to further my education. I intend to study neurology and go on to Medical school.

I can be an asset to any program I am a part of because I have been able to overcome hardships in both life and in completion. As well as, I have had years of leadership experience in various areas such as captaining teams, starting clubs, and being elected president of clubs and councils both inside and outside of school.

  • Team Training - I hope to become a long term part of your team as a clinician or adjunct coach.
  • Group Training - Soccer skills are best learned when working in a group. Grab some friends and let's get busy!
  • Individual Training - To develop highly specialized skills or work through specific issues, 1-on-1 training provides quick improvments.
  • We focus on providing you a finished product that you may troubleshoot easily. If we are hired to build out your entire rack, we have a system in place that allows you to easily trace cables from the patch panel to your switches.

Choosing a Trainer

It is difficult to find a good trainer to work with. Most are interested in teaching a few flashy moves and don't focus on efficiency and teamwork along with special skills. Soccer is a team sport and you need to learn skills that help you work with others.

There are many trainers that will work you on cardio without including additional focal points to build skills during that time. I have developed a training method that maximizes cariod time to improve balance, speed, coordination, and add a few specialty moves to your repertoire.

There are a few things you should ask before choosing a trainer:

  • Do you have any references?
    I know this seems like something that you should not need to ask, but many people run the same routines each session without tailoring each session to the progress of the individual or group. You also need to see if their training style fits what you are looking for.

  • Can you train all positions?
    Something here. Something here. Something here. Something here. Something here. Something here. Something here. Something here.

  • How intense are the sessions?
    You should discuss the intensity level before selecting a trainer. The trainer should be able to ramp the intensity up or down depending on who is in the session. Young children need a more positive session with small bursts of intense training surrounded by fun but effective drills and games. Older studends with high goals need a high intensity training session.

  • How do you deal with an injury?
    If you or your child has an injury, your training sessions should be modified to work around those. In most cases, there is always something that can be taught. Trainers should always be able to focus training on a small set of skills when fine tuning skillsets or working around injuries.

  • Will you come to my game?
    Sometimes students do well in practice but struggle during games. Reviewing video footage or having a trainer visit a game may give some insight and help us adjust your soccer training path. Ask soccer trainers if they are willing to visit a game or review video footage of a game.


Here are a few of my recent accomplishments

Your Soccer Team

That's Us!!!! We would love to become a part of your team. Whether you need one cable drop every 3-4 years or if you need extensive ongoing low voltage, audio, camera, and security system cabling, we are here for you and will do our best each and every time.

With experience technicians in every market we offer to the general public, we guarantee a knowledgeable technician will be available for a walk through and to discuss your current and future cabling project work.

Frequenty Asked Questions

  • Do you guarantee your data runs are good?
    Yes. If a run is not terminated property on either end, we will return and fix this for no charge.

  • If we have work in the future, can we have the same tech come back out?
    We try to assign 2-3 cabling technicians to your company so they learn about your building and any special configurations you may have.

  • What type of cable will you run?
    This depends on your need. We can run COAX, CAT3, CAT5, CAT6, Fiber (various Fiber specs) or another type. Cable used will be rated for the building you are in (varies per city) or let us know if you have a preference.

  • Can you certify all cables?
    We do use a tester to verify each cable we run is working. Official certification is a longer process and requires a different testing tool. We can add this service to your project if you wish.

  • Do you have a Network Engineer I can speak with?
    We do work with Network Commander technicians to help large and small organizations plan full build outs, remodels, equipment refreshes, and core network changes.

  • Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?
    Our cablers meet all local requirements. This varies per city and state.

Reviews from Clients

Soccer Mom

10/10 • Feb 07, 2023

Josh is great! He is on time and on point. He has made a great positive impression on my son Jason both with his soccer skills and attitude!

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November 2022

Houston Coach

10/10 • August 12, 2022

Josh is a great person and trainer. He is sooo fit and quick. He not only tells the kids what to do, he shows them. Being able to mimic a great player has improved our team this year...

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Shawn Jones, Coach

April 2023

Cypress, Texas

10/10 • July 11, 2022

Josh is great! Not only can the run circles around everyone on our team, but his attitude is contagious! He is quick, happy (but intense at times), and has kicked us all up another notch!

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Jerry Garcia

May 2023